Steps For Filing A Nursing Home Neglect Or Abuse Claim With A Lawyer

In Colorado, seniors are protected through elder laws. The laws apply to all seniors; however, they provide additional protection for seniors in nursing homes. It is in a nursing home facility that seniors are at a high risk of abuse and neglect. These facilities are often understaffed, and the administrator is likely to hire unethical staff members. A lawyer provides a legal avenue for seniors to file a legal claim against their abusers.

Gathering Evidence of the Abuse or Neglect

The first step is to acquire evidence through a medical assessment. The doctor creates thorough records of any conditions that could warrant abuse or neglect claims. They determine if the patient is malnourished, has signs of physical or sexual abuse, or fears their caregivers. The records are available for the legal claim.

Reporting the Incident to the Proper Authorities

Local authorities that manage nursing home neglect and/or abuse claims. The senior’s family must file a formal report with the agency in their local area. The agency conducts an investigation of the allegations presented. They evaluate the nursing home staff and identify any potential culprits who are guilty of these unlawful actions.

Removing the Senior from the Facility

The family has the legal right to remove their senior from the nursing home. If their allegations are substantiated, they could seek an award for expenses such as at-home care for the senior. They can also present a claim for any additional expenses associated with the defendant or admission into a different facility.

Filing a Legal Claim

The legal claim is filed through the court. All evidence of the patient’s injuries is presented with the claim. The most common injuries associated with these allegations are bruises, cuts, broken bones, and bedsores. The family must provide the patient’s medical records. The local authority provides their findings as well.

In Colorado, seniors are protected by federal elder laws. The laws stop any incident in which the patient’s dignity is compromised or a lower standard of care is provided. They also apply to cases that involve neglect or abuse. Victims of these events can file a claim through a local attorney today.