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Fog Misting Systems and its Advantages

Misting systems are developed in a manner which depreciates the temperature of an environment in very fast speeds. The other purpose of this systems is to reduce dust and other small particles in the air. They keep of all small living things that may pose harm or cause irritation. If you are in search of a way to control humidity and maintain a cool temperature in an open field then perhaps a misting system has crossed your mind at some point. However, when shopping for this system, you will notice there are different type ranging from low, medium and high pressure and the cost varies with each. The low and medium systems being more cost-friendly. Although some clients specifically will prefer fog misting systems and below are some of the main reasons why.

High-pressure systems have a benefit of both the low and medium misting systems in addition to its specific capability so having it gets all your need satisfied at any given time. They work in the sense that they produce tiny water particles in form of fog. This then, in that case, raises the humidity of the atmosphere cooling the temperature without wetting anything as low-pressure systems do. Al elements in the air are cleared by the mist cleaning the air around.

Fog misting systems when used in an enclosed environment such as a greenhouse, its powerful and highly efficient method of increasing humidity benefits the vegetation and in addition, its cooling effect is also felt around the entire areas. Specialty stores that store shot term products like flowers apply this type of misting for keeping their products fresh. This is because these stores need water-free environments to avoid contamination of their products and thus creates room for only fog misting systems use.

This fog misting systems have high-pressure levels of up to 1000psi compared to their predecessors like the low-pressure systems that only reach 50psi and thus rely on a standalone fan to be able to generate the mist. This fog misting systems generate micro-tiny water elements. Fine fog-like water particles hence the name fog misting systems are generated only by this category. Fog misting systems can be used in different places and to put that in perspective, an example will be a 5 horse power pump has a capability of creating 1000psi while using 8 or even more misting nozzles putting In mind that the 5 horse power pump is used in medium misting system. Fog misting stems come with either a brass or a stainless steel nozzle that should be easy to clean. In addition, they often come with an anti-drip adapter pre-installed. Finally, they employ pumps that often operate on a system that is direct drive. This systems bring about a wide variety of benefits with them like say for example a cooling, humidification and even air cleaning in just that one product. Finally while also considering the cost of the misting solution you want to incorporate take note of what the use will essentially be.

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