Professional Drain Cleaning Services Provided by a Licensed Plumber

Most people know the frustration that comes from a slow drain. They happen all the time and it doesn’t have to be because somebody put something down the drain that doesn’t belong there. Over time, buildup can occur in the drain pipes through normal, everyday use. This can cause drains to drain slowly or to completely backup. In these instances, a person may want to consider drain cleaning provided by a professional plumber.

Store Bought Cleaners

There are plenty of options a person has for clearing out drains with the use of over-the-counter drain cleaners. For simple drain issues, these products may work perfectly. However, there are different types of drains that over-the-counter cleaners can’t be used on. In addition, if it is a particularly pesky drain that is clogged deeper within the actual pipe, these store-bought drain cleaners likely won’t help much.

Professional Services

In these situations, professional cleaning services provided by a licensed plumber is the best option. The first thing a plumber will typically do is inspect the various problematic drains with a small camera. These cameras will go into the full extent of the piping in order to determine how dirty the drain pipe is and where any buildup or actual clogs exist.

How Drains are Cleaned

At this point, a plumber will typically use a special tool known as a drain snake to push into the pipe and remove excess buildup or to break up the clog. For clogs that are fairly close to the drain surface, a hand-operated snake may be the best option. However, for deeper buildup areas or clogs, a motorized snake tends to work better because it is more forceful in getting into the deeper areas of a drainpipe.

In some situations, a fixture at the tip of the snake that rotates can be used to clean the interior surfaces of the drain pipe. PVC pipes are a bit more problematic so softer cleaning fixtures may have to be used in order to avoid damaging the pipe with more abrasive cleaners.

If your home is experiencing drains that operate extremely slowly or your home has multiple drains that clog up quite often, this may be beyond what an over-the-counter cleaner can handle. In these situations, professional cleaning services by a plumber may be the best way to deal with slow drains or drains that clog frequently.