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You could be pardoned for thinking that CBD oil is a miracle remedy, but it is not. Numerous research conducted over the past 50 years have demonstrated this molecule, which is produced from cannabis, to have vast and widespread medical promise.

This is partly attributable to CBD’s (also known as cannabidiol’s) special interaction with the endocannabinoid system, a crucial physiological system that controls all human functions, including mood, sleep, pain, and pain transmission. A few full plants and raw CBD oils include over 140 different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so this is only one of the numerous ways CBD can benefit the body.

Despite the fact that there are countless CBD products on the market, not all of them are the same. Making the right decisions and selecting high-quality products can both help you achieve your goals. This list may also be of use.

You can’t expect to alter your life by taking CBD oil occasionally; consistency is key. To assist your body in regaining homeostasis, take this daily supplement two to three times daily. Take a few drops at a time to start. Put the oil under your tongue for at least two minutes to increase absorption.

Since CBD oil is fat soluble, consume it right away after eating fatty foods or right after brushing your teeth to enhance the effects (which boosts blood flow to the mouth). Increase your dosage little by little until you find the right dose that leaves you feeling wonderful.

What we examined

Over the course of a year, ten people with different illnesses and symptoms, such as menopausal symptoms, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, arthritis, and chronic fatigue, were tested on more than 100 products.

Each person has examined a sizable assortment of CBD oils, recording their findings and contrasting each bottle. A second bottle was tested on a different subject with the same health or wellbeing concern when one bottle stood out. The “winners” were selected from among the goods that excelled on both tests.

CBD drops

The best CBD oils for 2023 are:

Best budget buy – Sweet Pink whole plant 5 per cent CBD oil: £35, Sweetpinkcbd.co.uk

Best for mood – Charlotte’s Web, 600mg (6 per cent) organic full spectrum CBD oil: £49.99, Savagecabbage.co.uk

Best for menopause – The Good Level CBD oil, 4 per cent, 1,200mg: £49.99, Thegoodlevel.com

Best for feeling calm – iCBD global ichill XL: £99, Icbdglobal.com

Best for arthritis – Bud & Tender premium, 10 per cent CBD oil: £80, Budandtender.com

Best overall – Ardoa Amber 42: £69.99, Ardoamarket.co.uk

Best for anxiety – Mindful Extracts 500mg: £36.99, Mindfulextracts.co.uk

Best for sleep – Dreem Distillery CBD night drops: £160, Dreemdistillery.co.uk

Best for long covid – Hempen cold-pressed CBD oil: £36, Hempen.co.uk

Best for stress – Diablo CBD oil, 1000mg, 10 per cent: £56, Cbdiablo.co.uk

Best for taste – Cheerful Buddha naturally flavoured CBD drops, 10 per cent: £34.99, Cheerfulbuddha.co.uk

Best for energy – Lady A morning tincture: £60, Ladya.health

Best for PTSD – Amma Life boost, 10 per cent: £59.99, Ammalife.co.uk

Best for menstruation – Potyque CBD oil, 10 per cent: £75, Potyque.com

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