CBD Oil for Cancer

One of the many compounds present in the cannabis plant is CBD. It is becoming more well-liked because it seems to have several advantages. However, there is still debate, some support using CBD to treat cancer.

In general, it is still too early to declare CBD to be a cancer treatment. Even if the results of small tests on cancer cells are promising, they are not yet definitive.

Meanwhile, this substance might help in the management of some cancer symptoms and side effects after treatment. Researchers are also looking into a number of additional, possibly connected uses for CBD that could help with the treatment of chronic pain and anxiety.

The distinction between CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a different cannabis molecule that causes a “high” when smoked or consumed, must be made.

Discover how CBD can benefit cancer sufferers in this article.

CBD’s potential to prevent cancer

Some people want to know if CBD or cannabis can help fight cancer. Inconsistent findings were discovered when the National Cancer Institute (NCI) analyzed a number of studies on cannabis and cancer.

Cannabis usage did not increase the risk of cancers linked to tobacco use, according to an older study including 64,855 Americans. However, this study found that the risk of prostate cancer was higher in men who used cannabis but never smoked tobacco.

However, researchers from a 2015 study on men found a connection between cannabis use and bladder cancer. After accounting for a number of factors, researchers found that cannabis users had a 45% lower risk of developing bladder cancer.

Although research has suggested that cannabis smoke includes carcinogens, there is still no proof that smoking cannabis causes cancer.

While smoking cannabis exposes the body to carcinogens, CBD extract does not. More in-depth studies on humans are required to determine whether CBD has any role to play in cancer prevention.

The preponderance of studies points to CBD and cannabis-based therapies as potential additions to cancer treatment. Cancer sufferers may benefit from CBD by:plant's CBD

Stimulation of appetite

Many cancer patients have nausea and appetite loss, which can make it challenging to keep a healthy weight.

It may assist in stimulating hunger to consume a cannabis product that releases THC into the bloodstream. There isn’t any proof that CBD by itself has this effect, though.

Pain reduction

Both cancer and its treatment can be painful. Cancer frequently causes pain due to inflammation, stress on internal organs, or damage to the nerves. Strong painkillers called opioids can develop resistance when the pain is very bad.

Indirect CB2 receptor action from CBD may reduce inflammation and reduce overall pain. THC affects CB1 receptors, which may help with pain brought on by nerve damage.

Decreasing nausea

Patients with cancer who frequently experience nausea and vomiting, especially when receiving chemotherapy, may find relief from cannabis.

But rather than the plant’s CBD, the antinausea benefit seems to come from the THC. Anyone considering using cannabis to treat nausea should be aware of the psychoactive effects of THC and speak with a doctor first due to the recommended cannabis products’ high levels of THC.

Many patients get relief from even small doses of THC. Synthetic THC is also available in prescription forms with fewer side effects.

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